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Vitamins: a natural sprint for the immune system


A healthy Diet rich in Vitamin C: a natural sprinter for the immune System

Our body is not able to synthesize it, and many "obstacles" are interposed between intake and effective absorption, yet we need it for a thousand and important reasons.

Vitamin C, or L-ascorbic acid, is perhaps the most common of all vitamins, because it is often found in fruits and vegetables as well as in many other foods. Ascorbic acid is the cofactor of enzymes that catalyze different metabolic reactions. Furthermore, it is involved in cellular defense processes, favoring the elimination of oxygen free radicals through the donation of an electron.

It is a true "sprinter" of the immune system, it acts, as mentioned, as an antioxidant and at the same time facilitates a whole series of processes that we cannot do without.

Useful for the synthesis of collagen, and therefore for the well-being of bones, skin, tendons, ligaments, nails and hair, but also of blood vessels, it also plays a role in the synthesis of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that regulates our mood.

Vitamin C is also involved in modulating the absorption, transport and storage of iron and in the proper functioning of the adrenal glands, thus increasing our resistance to fatigue and stress. Furthermore, as is well known, it defends us from colds and seasonal ailments, and is a powerful antioxidant, which fights free radicals at different levels and helps the body detoxify itself from pollutants and waste slag. Its diffusion in many foods, however, is unfortunately not a guarantee for an adequate and correct intake: it is a highly perishable compound, sensitive to heat and to light, moreover, as for other types of substances, its absorption percentage decreases with increasing dose; given that the recommended daily dose (RDA) in Europe is 60 mg, equal to about 200 grams of oranges (only the edible part), usually the supplements are formulated with rather high doses (from 500 mg upwards) in order to supply the ideal RDA.

  •  When is a supplement based on Vitamin C useful for us? If we feel tired and exhausted from the morning, if we tend to get sick often and find it difficult to recover after a disease, even if it is a common cold, if our gums bleed often, if our capillaries are fragile and our wounds are slow to heal, we should probably increase the intake of Vitamin C.
  •  Where can we find Vitamin C in foods? Vitamin C is widely used in foods of vegetable origin; particularly rich are citrus fruits, kiwis, peppers, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables. It would therefore be enough to take the right amounts of these foods to avoid deficiencies. Be aware that vegetables and fruit that are stored for a long time before being consumed, suffer huge vitamin losses. Even treatments that involve washing with large amounts of water and subsequent cooking can lead to considerable losses (up to 75% in some cases) because Vitamin C is, among the vitamins, the one that undergoes greater degradation, both for instability to heat and oxygen in the air due to its water solubility.
  • What to do, then, to be sure of satisfying the organic needs of this miraculous vitamin? Eat raw fruits and vegetables, possibly without having kept them too long in the pantry or in the fridge, and consume them with the peel whenever possible. In case of disorders that could be a symptom of a deficiency, better to use suitable supplements.

 VITAMIN C 1000 by NAMED®, supplement in tablets rich in Vitamin C (1g/tab) added with plant extracts of Rosa canina, Acerola, Camu camu and blood orange, in turn rich in L-ascorbic acid, ensuring a high bioavailability and a complete efficacy.


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