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A double action to support liver and digestive functions

Digestive disorders significantly affect millions of persons worldwide inducing a highly significant social impact comprising health care costs and work absenteeism, in addition to patient’s decreased quality of life. Functional digestive disorders may include: functional dyspepsia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), functional constipation.

Disbioline Digenzym® AB, thanks to the combined action of its components, supplies the body with a complete action: it provides phytocomplexes and digestive enzymes in the morning (tablet A) and phytocomplexes, enzymes and bacterial ferments in the evening (tablet B). Thanks to its components, Disbioline Digenzym® AB:


  • Supports liver function (Milk thistle, Turmeric)
  • Promotes digestive functions and gastrointestinal motility (Ginger, Chamomile, Curcuma, Anise, Gentian, Walnut Pericarp)
  • Acts against slow digestion, abdominal swelling, postprandial sleepiness (Digezyme® - a powerful multi-enzyme complex of plant origin)

PACKAGE SIZE: 30 tablets (15 tablets A + 15 tablets B)
SUGGESTED USE: 1 tablet A after breakfast or lunch+ 1 tablet B after dinner, to be swallowed with plenty of water on a full stomach.


Controls normal gastric acidity and respects digestive function

Suffering from acidity, burning, pain and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach is quite common, and major risk factors are: unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, psycho-physical stress, pregnancy, abuse of drugs, tea or coffee, low levels of physical exercise. These symptoms occur when the mucous membranes of the esophagus and stomach are attacked by the acidity of gastric juices, and are generally related to gastroesophageal reflux, gastritis or poor digestion. Even the frequent use of painkillers (NSAIDs) and cortison-based drugs can weaken the gastric protective barrier damaging the mucosa.

The special formulation of RefluMed®, based on 100% original Chios Mastiha, Hyaluronat sodium ExceptionHYAL® HW, dried extracts of Althea, Mallow and Banana juice helps promote a proper digestive function. Thanks to the synergistic effect of its highly selected ingredients, RefluMed ®:


  • Protects the gastric mucosa relieving heartburn (Althea and Mallow extracts)
  • Does not affect the physiological pH of the stomach, controlling gastric acidity (Banana juice)
  • Efficiently promotes digestive function (Chios Mastiha and Calcium) and provides a powerful gastroprotective effect (ExceptionHYAL® HW Hyaluronic Acid).

PACKAGE SIZE: 1 stick when needed, to be dissolved directly in the mouth.
SUGGESTED USE: 10 or 20 sticks, each containing 2g powder.


To promote a balanced intestinal flora.

Our gastrointestinal tract contains at least 400 bacterial species which are used to: protect digestive and intestinal mucous, help digestion and nutrient assimilation, produce the necessary substances for an increased protection against pathogens. The balance between the various micro-organisms (Eubiosis) is essential to our health; any disruption of this balance may cause the settlement and proliferation of bacterial pathogens (Dysbiosis), together with a weaker immune response, making the body more exposed to the risk of bacterial and viral attacks.

DISBIOLINE LD2® is a food supplement based on Tyndallized Lactic Ferments, Lactoferrin and Cranberry, which helps support regular intestinal transit and enhance eubiotic flora and thus helping support the natural defenses.


  • With the innovative ImmunoBlend®, a special mix of non-viable tyndallized ferments (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus plantarum and Streptococcus thermophiles) belonging to different strains for a complete action
  • Single-dose shots, easy to carry, easy to use
  • Pleasant taste of Strawberry. A specific formulation for children (Disbioline Ld1® junior) is available.

PACKAGE SIZE: 10 single-dose shots, 10ml per shot.
SUGGESTED USE: 1 shot (10 ml) 1-2 times daily, to be taken either pure or diluted in a small quantity of water. Shake well before use.


50 Billion Live Probiotics and Bifidobacteria in one tab

Intestinal health can be maintained by promoting the balance of the gut bacterial flora which might be altered by stress, antibiotics, diarrhea, organic or dietary factors. The synergistic mixture of different strains of lactic ferments improves the proliferation, renewal and maturation of the colon epithelial cells thus maintaining the integrity of the mucosa, repairing damages and restoring the proper intestine functioning.

DISBIOLINE LD® Proactiv 50 is a food supplement, with probiotic effect, containing probiotics and bifidobacteria.


  • 50billions of live probiotics and bifidobacteria per tab (1tab/day)
  • Helps restore the physiological eubiotic condition in case of modified gut balance.
  • The synergy of different strains produces an effective probiotic action.

PACKAGE SIZE: 20 tablets.
SUGGESTED USE: 1 or 2 chewable tablets a day, preferably on an empty stomach.


Inactivating hidden gluten in Gluten-Free diets

Several studies show that, even when following a gluten-free diet, involuntary gluten intake can range from 200 mg to 3000 mg/day, depending on how strict the gluten free diet is. In most cases, the undesirable effect of gluten is caused by the protein fraction called Gliadin. Today it is possible to counteract the gastrointestinal disorders of people with gluten sensitivity, patients on a gluten-free or FODMAP diet and whoever is looking for a support in “digesting” gluten.

Glutenam® is the exclusive supplement containing Tolerase® G, an innovative enzyme of natural origin, clinically tested, able of degrading Gliadin to the level of the Proline amino acid. Thanks to its components, Glutenam®:


  • Helps reduce gastrointestinal disorders in case of gluten sensitivity
  • Promotes digestive functions, reducing abdominal swelling, bloating and pain (Carvi Extract)
  • Regulates intestinal motility and gas elimination (Carvi Extract)

PACKAGE SIZE: 20 capsules.
SUGGESTED USE: 1- 2 capsules before meals, with plenty of water.

Disclaimer: The products shown on this website may not be available in one or more countries. The information contained here in shall not in any way replace the direct relationship between health professional and patient. It is therefore always advisable to consult your physician and / or pharmacist.

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